Which AnDROID will choose me?

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As I thumbed through another day with my Blackberry 8310, I am reminded once again that it’s time to get a new phone. Installing applications is brutal torture. From download to install to reboot is 15 minutes. Awful. Forget about viewing webpages. Argh. Rendering is terrible. Don’t send me pictures through email. Forget it… can’t see those. To be truthful the Blackberry has served me well for work but I’ve spend the last few months watching my wife slide her thumb across the display of her Ally and listen to several co-workers make happy noises while showing me their iPhone. I’ve had enough. I am leaning towards the DROID Incredible with its high mega pixel camera and speed but that X has a bigger screen. Compare the X vs the DROID

Christmas is coming … and so are my hopes at shutting off my daily viewing of the Blackberry hourglass of death.

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…and the winner IS!!!!

Posted by - Oct 25, 2010 0
The DROID Incredible by a landslide. Thanks to BJ’s for offering the $150 off. I hated to bite that $60…