Resident POV: The reasons why I’m moving out

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I’m not sure why I feel compelled to share my story with all of you. Perhaps it’s my generous nature or the fact that I’m really frustrated and am hoping someone out there will listen. Although my current leasing team has never bothered to know it, my name is Tim Milfauly. Bill Szczytko was gracious enough to let me use his account to publish this and for that I thank him. Take these little nuggets of wisdom and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes my Apartment complex did – to anyone – ever.

When I call the office, I want to speak to someone.

I’m glad you have specials for $899 and “for after-hours call the emergency number”. I’m calling DURING hours and yet I have to hear your beautifully rehearsed and canned speech about how great life at Neverland Apartments is. I live here and I don’t think it’s great; mainly because I can’t speak to someone about my broken air conditioner … for the 10th time.

Your office staff is constantly changing.

I mean seriously… Ming-ming was nice but she lasted 3 weeks. Dora the manager lasted for 2 months. She was helpful but I heard she ran away with Boots the landscaper. Zoe I think spent her days surfing on that Facebook and filing her nails. I can’t name them all because they didn’t last long… what are you doing to your employees? Firing squad?

Maintenance? You call that maintenance?

Air conditioners should not be held together with Popsicle sticks and Elmer’s Glue. Popsicle sticks and Elmer’s Glue? Yes. I saw it with my own eyes. I’m glad you have MacGyver on staff but I’d like an air conditioner that works correctly without having to bang the side. I called several months back about my door lock not turning. You wouldn’t let me redo it myself (per Section 23B Rev a# draft 4.03122 of my lease) so I had to wait 2 weeks to lock my door again. That isn’t service; it’s my Apartment Complex holding out a sign that reads “Come here Criminals! Steal my stuff!”

Your Resident Service is so outdated.

I’m sure a lot of your residents don’t need to contact Resident Service. Good for them. I unfortunately had to. Your system for handling complaints is antiquated. I emailed you… and you called me back at home the next day while I was at work. I tweeted on your account and I heard nothing. I should’ve known something was fishy because your last Tweet was almost 2 years ago. Facebook? Ha. How about Nobook. Your last update was about the Christmas Pot Luck lunch. It’s November right? If you are going to participate in this whole social media thing shouldn’t you actually be participating? I’m not an internet expert but I do find it more convenient than stopping by the office. Apparently you don’t agree.

Your Sense of Community stinks.

My friend won a photo contest at his apartment complex several months ago. I see signs all the time for Bingo night at Carolwood Apartments down the street. Why don’t we do anything like that? Your sense of community is watching a group of your residents gather round the broken drop box trying to shove their rent in. Awesome.

Rent Increase? How dare you.

If all of this sounds crazy and ridiculous (Ed note: it is) then the topper is being asked to continue my lease for next year with an increase in my rent. Huh? Have you not studied my experience over the past year? You should be paying me money. When I tried to explain this to your Manager Flavor of the week, I was told that it was brought on by market conditions. I couldn’t even get this manager to talk it over. I was already planning on leaving but it would’ve been nice if they made an effort to care.

So there you have it. My point of view. I hope that my experience isn’t typical at Neverland Apartments. Doesn’t really matter if it is; I’m leaving at the end of the month. My lease at Carolwood Apartments starts December 1st. (I love Bingo)

Happy renting everyone.

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