Days before Christmas: And you thought Griswold was bad

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I will admit right here and right now that when it comes to some things I am lazy. (scared is another word I’d use) As I talked about a few days ago I am a Christmas junkie but my junkiness only goes so far. There’s something about plugging electrical cords into power strips which are plugged into outlets which are OUTSIDE! You know where moisture falls? Oh wait you didn’t know I had some crazy kind of electric phobia? Well I’m not going into it here..that’s for another blog post. When it comes to Christmas lights I’d prefer to see what other people have created. They just wouldn’t look good on my house. Here’s round 1 of some crazy lunatics:

The crazies.

Here’s a picture from Toronto. Guy grabbed his camera and went out and snapped some shots of some crazy displays:

Another Toronto picture. You imagine being the next door neighbor here? Oh dear God.

This is from a house in Berkshire, England. Several years ago the neighbors offered them money to NOT put up their display.

Another nutcase from England.. actually an ENTIRE TOWN. Here’s just one example:

Back across the pond I snagged one from a house in Michigan. Wow.

Jumping to South America and Brazil.

Back up here to Michigan and this well done but over the top house:

To end the day… the old beer commercial Christmas light display. Gotta see this at least once every year.

Some pictures were snagged from

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