Days before Christmas: Christmas trees a plenty

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Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the tree. Santa is fun, cookies are delicious but there’s something about that green pine that warms the heart. Like everything else though some people’s definition of the Christmas tree is a bit different. Take a look:

Beer Bottle Tree:

Otherwise known as the Redneck tree, I much prefer a nice IPA over this one.

Plastic Straw Tree:

Hate it when the waitress forgets to bring a straw? No worries now.

Donut Tree:

Otherwise known as the Homer Simpson tree.

Computer monitor tree

As a geek I just LOVE this one.

Mountain Dew Tree:

Can you imagine the caffeine and sugar high after drinking all of this?

Stop light tree:

Stop, go, stop, go, slow down… can you just picture the accidents after people see this?


Who doesn’t love PACMAN?

Pencil Tree:

This isn’t the kind of #2 you’re thinking of.

Water bottle tree:

Some people just have too much time on their hands.

Luxury Christmas Tree:

You can find it in the same department as the $2 million dollar bra.

See you tomorrow everyone.

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