The Dawning of a new Era

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A long time ago I used to write novels. These “adventure” stories were of exceptional quality and well written. The dragon would try to slay our hero, he would escape through a time machine and then have to find gold coins Indiana Jones style. I was in 2nd grade when I wrote them. My publishing days came to an end when one day I hit the supply closet (for the 100th time that year) to snag some paper to write with. My teacher interrupted class to tell me to “stop wasting paper and return to my seat.” All of us aspiring authors or bloggers hit a wall. My wall lasted for 26 years.

I really love to write

Yeah I know what you’re already thinking. Crap it’s another one of those posts about “how great it is to start a blog”. OR another stinkin “summary of all the nonsense you plan on covering”. Nah. You can gather what I’m going to cover by looking around you. Marketing, Social Media, Multifamily, life and whatever else comes to mind. More to the point, I’ve come to realize once again that I love to write. Notice the title of this section.

Do I have something to say?

Sure. Do you want to read it? Sure hope so. I hope I’ll be known as the guy who makes you laugh over your morning coffee. Or you’ll sound more knowledgeable at your next meeting. Even better is if you follow me on Twitter and engage with me. Heck you can even make me laugh over my morning coffee. (You have plenty of opportunity because I drink 3 a day) My point is I’d love to get to know you… as much as you’re trying to get to know me. I mean you’ve come this far. What do you have to lose? Sign up to receive a little bit of me everyday (try not to vomit at THAT thought) and we’ll see what happens.

Don’t write me off

There’s lots to choose from in the blogosphere. That’s why I’m glad you’re here right now. In some corny way this can be a journey we take together. I’ll teach you about stuff and you can respond to it…or yell… whatever. Who knows where the journey will take us? Maybe in a time machine searching for gold coins? I’m just hoping you don’t yell at me about wasting paper.

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