Some over-hyped Technology you think you need but probably don’t yet

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I put together my first guest post. One thing I love doing is stirring the pot, generating conversation and making a few enemies…alright maybe not the last part. Below is a snippet of that post…head on over the Multifamily Technology 360 to check out the rest:

Since the advent of the AS400 we’ve been hankering away for technology to help us rent and manage apartments. We seek it out in the corners of the internet, we buy into every single ILS that comes along and we attend every conference in the hope that something will help us rent that apartment we’ve had sitting for 6 months.  We are like addicts and there are plenty of vendors out there who know it.

Skepticism is good.

When it comes to purchasing though I am pretty skeptical about everything. It’s good to be that way. There’s nothing wrong with making sure new technologies fit. The things I’m going to talk here about ARE good technologies.  Are there clear and legitimate reasons behind the hype? I’ll let you decide:

Revenue Management.

This is probably the #1 technology running rampant around the industry today. You’re probably horrified that I included it here.  Just because the top folks are pumped about something doesn’t mean the smaller fish need to give a hoot.  Here’s my cautionary tale:

Want to read the rest? View it over at Multifamily Technology 360

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