Cut the crap and be real

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I didn’t want to write tonight. In fact while typing, my Chrome Browser went white and Windows promptly asked if I’d like to shut it down. But I am persevering in spite of Window’s insistence that I terminate. Today was a tough day but I’m not going to get Debbie Downer on all of you. Blogs are supposed to INSPIRE and LIFT YOU UP!

The problem? Blogs are written by human beings. They have bad days. They get frustrated. They have great days and mediocre days. They feel pain.

It’s social but it isn’t real.

I’ll be the first to admit that often times I get nervous in public. I don’t have a public phobia; I get nervous about social conversations. Sound ridiculous? Maybe it is. I hate running out of thoughts and talking points. I’m one of those people that dislikes the awkward silence when a conversation is ending (tapped out of ideas!) and neither party knows how to finish it. Lots of times I avoid having them just to avoid it. Make sense?

Excellent, you see my point then. Social Media tears down my barriers. I can feel free to carry on a 140 character conversation with someone and LEAVE AT ANY TIME! No need to cast around the room looking for an out or sigh heavily and run to the bathroom. I just log off.

All this barrier breaking has a cost doesn’t it?

Of course it does. The cost can be a high one. Remember that we’re all humans. We have phobias and fears. This type of social butterflying doesn’t tell the whole story does it? It’s too easy to show yourself as some professional Thing-a-majig whose is incredibly knowledgeable about What e what. I try to be as real as I can be. People who REALLY know me… actually hold that thought a minute. That’s the real rub right there isn’t it? There are people that know me through reading my Tweets or engaging in quick bursts of convo (that’s slang for Conversation) but then there are different sets of people who know ME. My terrible eyesight, my crooked pinkies and they know that when I start to look around the room… disengage from me first. I hate awkwardness.

How can you be real on the internet?

I try to be personal. I don’t mind mentioning a *GASP* flaw of mine. I admit mistakes. (They happen OFTEN) I’m humble. You should be too. There’s nothing wrong with it. Pretentiousness is crap. You might have one eye lower than the other. Your breasts sag or your beer gut hangs out a LOT farther than it used to. I don’t care. It’s what makes you … human! Embrace it.

I am a goof ball.
I am a goof ball.

Show the you.

I’d love to talk about your professional interests. I’d love to see pictures of your family. I want to know what makes you tick. Why? I enjoy meeting people – same as you probably. Opening your eyes to the world is the best thing for you. Log off the computer and be real in life. Want more sales? Be you. Want more engagement? Be you. I try everyday to be Bill Szczytko, everyday. Sometimes I slip. Act like a pretentious turd. We’re human remember? But I do the best I can. Make sure you do too.

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