Getting better engagement using Facebook Questions

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No longer do you need to status blast your Friends on Facebook with “What should I do tonight?” or “Where’s the best pizza joint?” By utilizing the new Facebook Questions you’ll be able to ask whatever question you’d like, get organized results and get the poll out to everyone; not just your friends. Using the new Facebook QuestionsFirst off one of the things that makes Facebook Questions so great is that it isn’t located in some remote menu item and there isn’t an app that you need to install. No, no..they are right next to your Status link. This makes it extremely easy to find and because of that I think you’re going to start to see these questions show up everywhere.

Creating Questions are a breeze.How Facebook questions can improve customer engagementType in your question and then type in some poll options. These are obviously the answers you’d like people to choose from. Once you’re done just push the Ask Question button. Even better is you can check the box next to “Allow anyone to add options” and anyone can add their own questions to the poll.

If someone Likes or chooses to follow a Poll you’ve created they will get notifications when an answer has been submitted. They can also share that Poll to all of their Friends who can then share it to theirs and so forth and so on. It’s fun engagement because people can not only submit their answers but they can also reshape the poll itself. Remember now that there are no Privacy settings on these Questions. Once you ask it all questions and answers are available for everyone to see.

What are the implications for Businesses? Way too many to list here. Questions related to your brand can be asked. Thinking about making some improvements? Ask your customers what they think. What amenities are people interested in? Ask. Let your customers improve upon your questions with items of their own that maybe you didn’t think about. It’s true engagement and it’s easy. If your Facebook page doesn’t have the link yet go here to activate it. Let me know what ideas you’ve just thought of while reading this post. Care to share? The comments are all yours…

A great follow up post by Mark Juleen on Facebook Questions is available to read here.

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