My first TV appearance: Talking about Document Management

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Last week, I was asked to appear with Jeff Elkin the COO of Advance – The Document Specialists on MPT (Maryland Public Television), to speak a little about document management. We’ve been using a document management system at Maryland Management for many years now so I definitely had insights on how it worked. It was a fun interview and I enjoyed doing it.

I never realized how contrived studio sets can be. We were led into this large dark room and in the center of it was this beautiful set. It’s hard for you to appreciate how fake it is until you’re there. The other thing I noticed is that I suffer from double chin syndrome while wearing a suit. This is a genetic defect and is present in most of my family members. There’s nothing any of us can do about it except to try to cover it by using a lot of hand gesturing. You’ll see my technique in the video.

Watch the full episode. See more Your Money and Business.

Once again I thank Advance for the opportunity to do it. It was fun.

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