New technology I can no longer live without.

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New technology can be a lot like Justin Bieber. It isn’t the bad hair I’m referring to. Think about the first time you heard one of his songs. It really isn’t anything special; you probably dismissed it the first few times. The problem is you kept hearing about him. You saw him on TV, in the movies, and blaring from your teenage daughter’s iPod. Suddenly you asked yourself if you were missing something.

Some technologies can be like that. “Why do I need a website to reintroduce me to a friend I stopped talking to 20 years ago?” You find yourself signing up because it’s pervasive. Your friend keeps rambling on about all these new shows she watches and you wonder how she finds the time. Eventually you dive in and once you do, it’s extremely difficult to let it go. In some cases, it’s impossible.

When I talk about technology I can’t live without, I’m not referring to the television or telephone. Duh. Those are the basics. I’m referring to things that have grabbed me since the early 2000’s. If the Bill of 2011 was to chat with the Bill from 1999, I would talk about these cool new things AND give him the winning lottery numbers.

High Definition Television.

Back when I worked for Circuit City in 1998, the biggest thing of the day was DVD. (Actually it was also DIVX but don’t get me started on THAT failure) High definition was only talked about and hoped for. Man football games just aren’t the same are they? The water beads on the tips of the grass, the crisp details of the cheerleaders and the lockout that will ruin it all…ugh..nevermind. I won’t watch a television show that isn’t in high def (are there any?) and channels are no longer less than 3 digits. You cannot take away my high def…period.

Digital Video Recorder.

Who still remembers recording their favorite show on VCR? Everyone? Good..I’m got the right blog niche here. To those people who don’t use a DVR…what’s wrong with you? Missed a funny scene? Rewind. Didn’t see that receiver make a great catch? Rewind. Want to record two shows and watch a third? Do it. No way you’re taking that away from me…even with the extra $40 a month. You must prioritize.

Social Media.

I don’t play Farmville or any other Facebook game but what I like about Facebook (and what makes it brilliant) is the different TYPE of interactions you can have with people. I can say something silly, something serious, share a funny link, record a favorite video or just watch the stream. Twitter is an incredible medium for learning and interacting in different ways. Both of these sites (and tons of the other ones) all bring you closer to people who share your same passions and dreams and goals. It gets you connected to people you haven’t met, who you once knew and who you know now. It can make those relationships relevant and real. It can be fun, it can be frustrating but without it don’t you think your life would be a lot smaller? Sure would to me.


I am a history dork. Ask my wife and she’ll tell you about my latest insomnia cure. My reasons for reading history are simple. Besides how interesting I find it, it’s hard to know where we’re going if you don’t know where we’ve been. I digressed here though. My main point is this: History books can be voluminous. Holding these mammoth sized books for long periods of time can give you Popeye arms. Then the Kindle was introduced. Now I can hold the entire Civil War set by Shelby Foote and hardly break a sweat. It’s easy to hold, easy to travel with, and extremely simple to use. It’s the best damn device period.


The only thing better than my DROID Incredible is the DROID Incredible 2. I’m bummed I didn’t wait. Important to note that a smartphone does has its special niche though. I’m not typing this blog post on it. That would be ridiculous and rich with posts for Damn you auto correct. Tweetdeck rules and is what I use to stay connected in my social media world. Obviously I can text, call, and download a ridiculous amount of time wasting apps. I love it. Only problem is I have to pay monthly service fees. I thought Google gave everything away? … sigh …


New to me this year is my own personal blog. Sure I’ve created some posts I’m proud of and some ones that are crap. I can’t win them all. I try. I try really hard. For me blogging is fueled by my passions…whatever that happens to be today. As I say in my Who the heck is BSitko? page, I don’t do this with the intention of retiring early. It’s fun. If blogging becomes a chore, I’ll stop. Right now a perfect peace has settled over my house. My wife is out bowling, the kids are sleeping and the dog is under my feet devouring his rawhide bone. All is right with the world and it’s this little blog that lets me share this little moment with you. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What’s on the bubble?

I want an iPad. No sense in denying that it calls out to me…late at night. I have to pull the covers a little farther up to my chin in hopes that I can quiet its call. It will probably make my list for next year. I recently won an iPod Nano and have been playing around with it. (Thanks to HUBSPOT for the free one). It’s a cool little device. I’m amazed at how small it is and yet how much functionality Apple manages to pull from it. Really neat. I’m warming up to it.

What about you?

What do you love? What can you no longer live without? Let’s talk about it…the comments below are all yours.

Thanks to Flick and Flick for the pics.

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