Why the new Facebook insights might make you rethink your Facebook strategy

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...are talking about this
Check out this new metric underneath your Like's!!!
There goes Facebook changing things again. Due to these recent changes, the big question businesses have been asking over the past few weeks is “What’s in it for us?” or more specifically – “How will all of these changes affect our pages?” We’re beginning to figure that out as Facebook today has rolled out their new insights panel and the “…are talking about this” metric. Let’s dive into what these changes mean.

According to Facebook, this new metric scores engagement based on the last 7 days using this criteria:

The number of unique people who have created a story from your Page Post. Stories include liking, commenting on or sharing your post, answering a Question or RSVPing to an event.

Relevant content is still king.

Even though the metrics are changing, the way the game is played is not. If you spend your time posting random links or sales-y calls to action on your Facebook pages you will still continue to bore the crap out of people. That boredom will now be reflected in your “talking about this” metric for everyone to see. That’s the real twist here. Rather than keeping the metrics to yourself, you’ll now be sharing how good your engagement is with everyone who views your page.

So how can you figure out what content is working under this new metric?

Glad you asked. The data in Insights has changed and there are lots of great tools in here to help you figure that out.

New Insights
Click the normal Insights link and then you should see this new header. Click the 'Take me to the new page insights' link to get in.

Here’s our new insights page for our Maryland Management Properties Facebook page – no laughing, we’ve only been doing it for a few months:
Maryland Management Facebook Insights
Maryland Management Facebook Insights

Here you’ll see the potential of your network with the “Friends of Fans” number and your “Weekly Total Reach” which is the total number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your page.

Underneath this newly revamped section is the breakdown of your last posts. It’s now easy to see which posts worked and which were duds. The important stat to view is the “Engaged Users” and the “Talking About This” column. The Engaged users metric is any action a user has taken on a post, whether it’s Liking it or commenting or sharing. You can see our results here:

What's working on Facebook
This section shows what posts got people talking and what didn't.

You have different choices than before under your Insights link now too:

New Insights tab
Along the left side of your Facebook Page your Insights are broken down differently

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