No more excuses: how to choose wisely.

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The words can’t and no rarely come out of my mouth. That’s my choice. I can’t help it. I’m a doer, a linchpin, a change agent. Are you like that? Are you the first person to raise your hand when volunteers are needed? Do you pass idle time by trying to find ways to self improve or do you twiddle your thumbs and waste time on Facebook? What do you choose?


We’re forced to make them countless times every day. Lots are minor ones that your brain hardly pays attention to. Some have more meaning. For instance, I chose to take a little time off from blogging. I’d rather post nothing than half thought out trash. That was my choice. Where I’m sitting right while typing this was a choice. Putting my kids to bed at 8 instead of 7:30 was my choice. The house I live in. The car I drive. Where I work. I can choose to be a grump tomorrow or I can choose to be the best damn employee ever. Given the number of choices we make in a day, I find it hilarious that people blame others for their own failings. Sure you can’t do anything about Joe Bag O’Donuts ramming into your car. But before you bash the drivers skull in, think about this: You decided to take that road today rather than your normal route. Plus it didn’t help that you got a late start to your day; you overslept. But seriously go ahead, blame the moron who rammed your car. Sure he shares some of the blame but so do you.

All decisions have led here.

If you’re sitting and reading this but feeling sorry for yourself over life’s little incidents, I’m going to make those feelings worse by reiterating that the choices you’ve made have led you here. It’s easy to blame others. “She wasn’t listening.” or “He didn’t tell me about that.” In the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Nathan Fast from the University of Southern California said “When people blame others for their mistakes, they learn less and perform worse,” Wow that’s counterproductive isn’t it?

Choose your pathI believe that people who have the “blame others mentality” like to flock around people who do the same. It’s pretty contagious behavior and if you believe the experts; it will kill your self-worth. So choose to change it. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you’re stuck in this trap, it will take some time to dig yourself out. Start slowly. We all make mistakes. Maybe you should have zigged instead of zagged. Maybe you should have gotten the sugar free donut instead of the chocolate frosting. With so many damn choices to make in one day, it’s hard to always get it right. Do the best you can but stop blaming others.

I choose to be a change agent. I choose to learn as much as I can everyday. I choose to leave my comfort zone but know if I do and things don’t work out, that I’ll live to breathe another day. I choose to not blame others for my inability to make perfect decisions. What will you choose?

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