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2011It’s amazing to think that this blog is nearly a year old. I’ve written far more words than I could have imagined writing back in January. This year I’ve created lots of conversation, turned some people off, and maybe… just maybe…inspired others. Here’s a list of the top stuff that people have read on this blog this year. Enjoy and here’s to a great 2012.

Top posts from 2011.

Reasons why managing is no longer optional This is just a little post that got published in several trade magazines, generated several TV appearances, and got my photograph on the cover of Time magazine. Okay only none of those is right but it was my top post this year. Hope you enjoy.

Why the Facebook news feed changes are easy to hate but why you shouldn’t. Hard to forget that back in September Facebook flipped their social network upside down by making some pretty big changes. Here’s the rundown on them.

Those towers sure were beautiful – 9/11 10 years later. My son inspired me to write this post after trying to explain to him what happened on that day. Good stuff.

Making sure your product doesn’t suck. Jason Falls inspired this one with his blunt call to action. Don’t worry about social or any other addons if your product sucks.

Posts you might not have read in 2011 but that I think you should have.

Why technology isn’t just for geeks anymore. Back in the day, geeks wore pocket protectors and flapped gums about BASIC. Now? They’re you.

How you know you have kids. Besides the obvious there are certain things that us parents do that clues others in that we’re members of the Parents Posse.

Life lessons the kids won’t learn or how to repeat yourself repeatedly. I over heard someone this year say that having kids is like being pecked to death by a duck. I believe it.

Watching curves, speeding, and why compassion is still alive. Why a motorcycle accident on the side of the road, near midnight, showed me what I needed to see about the human spirit.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by, whether it’s my friends, or just someone who was meaning to search for something relevant and ended here instead. See you next year.

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