Happy Birthday BSitko.com! The dawning of a new era 2012 style…

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Take a cupcake. It's my birthday.
Please help yourself to a cupcake, it’s my birthday today.

I’m glad you’re here. Been busy today? Here – have a cupcake. I baked them myself. It’s my birthday you know. Not the man behind the curtain’s no, no… his birthday was weeks ago. It’s my birthday – BSitko.com! I turn one. Aren’t you happy?

Last year around this time, the curtain man typed his credit card number into my host here and started me up. He pushed install, tried his hand with some crappy graphics and had no real focus. Social media? Marketing? Technology? Life? Parenting? I kept trying to tell him to pick a topic and stick with it. Instead he ignored me and wrote. Boy oh boy did he write. I’ve got to give him some credit though, some of it was pretty good.

Well hey! Do you have a minute? I’d love to show you some of the highlights from this year. Heck I’ll even throw in a couple of real stinkers too. Not too long you say? Okay sure – I’ll make it fast.

Best. Post. Ever.

From: Reasons why managing apartmentratings.com is no longer optional.
I couldn’t access MySQL fast enough to retrieve this one.

Best personal anecdote.

From: Why Technology isn’t just for geeks anymore
[quote_box_center]Let me tell you a story about a boy. 4 foot 11, 120 pounds soaking wet, wrinkled Bugle Boy pants, his blond hair in a bowl cut, tousled. When he spoke his voice cracked and the things he used to say revolved around some device called the Commodore 64. He was awkward, always had his nose shoved in front of a computer, and was a social nightmare; it was the 80′s and he was your stereotypical geek.[/quote_box_center]
This describes the curtain man circa 1988. Seems that not much has changed… trust me on that one.

Best Stephen King impression:

From: Watching curves, speeding, and why compassion is still alive…
[quote_box_center]After a few minutes of travelling I noticed a single headlight blaring into my back window. The speed limit was 40 and due to my unfamiliarity with the road, I was sticking to that. The motorcycle behind me though wasn’t happy with my plan. To show its distaste, it crossed the double yellow line, throttled the accelerator, passed me, and shot off into the dark.[/quote_box_center]
Too easy to imagine that the motorcycle was being driven by a headless zombie. My nightmare? Bill stops blogging, the site gets hijacked and I’m forced to display and play that annoying “Congratulations! You won!” banner ad over and over again.

Best header that almost got curtain man beat up

From: The 4 secrets to kicking your ILS habit
[quote_box_center]Having ILS’s as your main Marketing mix is just lazy Marketing.[/quote_box_center]
That advice is called tough love. Another good example of it is when curtain man pushes the update all plugins button and I stop working. Heh.

The webrity experience.

From: Making sure your product doesn’t suck.
[quote_box_center]I saw Jason Falls at a conference last year (Thanks Duncan!) and he said something that probably seems obvious to a lot of you but is so often taken for granted: Before you spend any effort in Social Media make sure you have a product that doesn’t suck.[/quote_box_center]
Turns out some guy by the name of Jason Falls liked the article and tweeted it out to his multitude. MySQL was hating it that day too.

Best post you didn’t read.

From: Underestimating those small decisions can lead to this.
[quote_box_center]Remember that phone call I didn’t answer? It led to my wife getting really ticked off with me. She was already upset and that made it worse. I got home. We argued. We went to bed mad. The next day while driving home I took a detour that was heavily congested but ended up finding a nice flower shop. I bought some beautiful carnations. Marriage saved… temporarily.[/quote_box_center]
Read it. It will save your life.


From: Only the sky should be your limit.
[quote_box_center]There are several groups of kids out there vying for eggs. Some are aggressive and given their attitude would no doubt take all of the eggs if they could. Some kids just aren’t aggressive enough. They arrive at the last minute to an egg only to be superseded by the aggressive kid. In the end, they’d get their 12 eggs but probably not more than that. Then there are some that fiddle fart around, pick daisies and feel the cool bay breeze.[/quote_box_center]
Snooze. It’s boring. They can’t all be winners folks.

Worst blog post title ever.

Why mobile killed the PC star. Curtain man changed it after it was published but its original title still makes me groan thinking about it. Terrible.

Quick stats and things he’s learned.

Curtain man has gone back and changed a lot of posts, weeks, even months after they were published. Posts are never done.

Don’t link to crappy image sites that change their url’s. Finding ugly image not available symbols on blog posts is a real drag.

He’s used the word crap approximately 42 times.

He’s used the word sucks approximately 22 times.

He’s sorry about his foul language.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you. I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time. The man behind the curtain thanks you. He thanks you for the conversations, the sharing, the interest. He hopes he’s inspired you. He hopes to do it even better in 2012.

Best I go now. Some of the boys over on the next server rack are taking me to see Tron. Best movie ever.

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