Traffic cures, car boogie, and the death of Google Reader

Google Reader closing down July 1st

Google Reader is calling it quits. RSS lovers are committing suicide.

The Google Reader announcement, that it was shutting its doors on July 1st 2013, really shook me up. Okay, my emotional distress is a slight exaggeration, as it is just a software program, but still though, it compelled me enough to at least make a video again. I hope you like the topic, as well as the choreography help, for those stuck in their vehicles on the way to and from work.

Linked to the very funny picture over at Spin

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  • Dance! Don’t hold the wall! Crackin’ me up Mr. Bill!!!

    • Best song on the album, IMO. Can’t stop listening to the whole album. Crazy good.

  • Beyond your JT intro, I will say that I’m most disappointed with the GR squash because I’ve already saved all my favorite blogs there and then I have that synced to other things like Flipboard, etc. It’s just more work for me I guess, but this here seems to be the easiest way to do something

    • I’ve setup feedly on my phone but haven’t experimented with it on my desktop. IFTTT doesn’t work with it yet so that’s disappointing. My guess is it will be soon. Ahhhh, change, gotta love it.

  • Thanks for the link love in the sidebar my man. The announcement came when I was in Hawaii. I went and had a Mai Tai. Still trying to sort this out myself. Back to subscriptions and using Google filters perhaps?

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