Why I have trouble taking myself that seriously.

I’ve read lots of blog posts in my day. Most of them talk about this sales technique, this fancy new gadget, why social media helps with this or that or why you’re a dummy if you can’t analyze your metrics right. There are lots of smart and overly serious people out there in the blogosphere. It’s not that I want people to think I’m some dimwit who is neither insightful nor progressive; of course I don’t. But unlike a lot of people, who we’ll file under the “too smart and serious for their own good” crowd, it’s hard for me to take myself that seriously. Here’s why:

I never realized the term “wearing Daisy Dukes” actually referred to Daisy Duke.

I grew up with the Dukes of Hazzard television show and loved every cheesy minute of it. It used to be on every Friday night at 8. In the early 90’s, when the song came out, I knew all the words; danced to it in some clubs. One day, years later, I was talking to someone about some classic 90’s songs. He said to me “That Daisy Dukes song was the bomb. I can remember wanting Daisy Duke from Dukes of Hazzard when I was a kid.” I kid you not – the light bulb finally went off and the connection was made. I’m a little slow sometimes.

I was only 4’11” as a Sophomore in High School.

Some scars never heal. I felt like an Oompa Loompa (minus the orange hair and white shorts) in a land of Veruca Salts. Honestly everyone, admit it, there’s nothing more intimidating then a shorti with toothpick legs, acne, and a bowl cut. I was once cussed out by a girl who was 5 inches taller than me, full of attitude, with hoop earrings that were bigger than my head; turns out, I was guilty of sitting in her seat.

I love corny songs.

Waiting for a Star to Fall is a prime example of corn. I love that song. Yet, unlike singing Blurred Lines, it is NOT cool to sing this song in public – never – ever.

I used to make mix tapes with only one song on them.

Janet Jackson’s remix with Heavy D for Alright. To make matters worse, I was rewinding it over and over again in class and got busted by a classmate who was listening in. I tried to deny it but I’ve never been a very good liar.

I do weird things at random times – like try on my daughter’s earrings.

Hard to take me seriously.I’ll see a funny looking hat at a party and I’ll put it on. I’ve been know to take a rubber band and wrap each side of it around my ears so it dangles under my chin. I’ve been spotted doing dumb things with one of my daughter’s hair bands. We had a mixer one time at college. (a mixer is a themed party between a fraternity and sorority) The theme was to bring your own cup and spend the night drinking from it. I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator, so at the last minute, I grabbed the first thing I could find – a plunger. Even now, I sometimes think I taste rubber in my beer.

I was afraid of ET.

ET scared the crap out of me. ET - Mr. Scary ManI’m sure you’re familiar with this iconic figure. The movie came out back in 1982, I was 9. Thinking about ET all white and lying in the ditch sent me running to my closet to hide. Even worse, I made the mistake of telling people at school about my phobia. Oops. I think some people STILL bring it up. ET was phoning home – I was signing out.

I have never used a straight razor to shave… ever.

I’ve always been afraid of slicing my face open. I know what you’re thinking – “They are safe especially if you don’t go against the grain.” I don’t care. I’m all electric; all the time. I just hope that shaving while driving isn’t outlawed someday.


The point I’m trying to make, of course, is that we’ve all done and said things that we look back on and shake our heads about. We’re all flawed. Each of us have those little quirks that make us human and individual. Embrace them and stop being so damn serious. What stories can you share? Would love to hear.

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  • Ze Fronk

    Weird things at random times? One word “tutu”!!!!!! I would say funny instead of weird though.

  • Christine Redding Manzari

    I’m so concerned for you that the plunger was possibly not new. Please tell me it was new. Weird things I’ve done? Too many to count but I’ll try to remember a few. (1) In college we were in a huge theater waiting for a show to start. It was like 30 minutes past due. I was dared to go up and dance on stage in front of the theater. I did. I don’t dance well. I also have a hard time saying no to dares. (2) I dressed up as Xena and walked around Rennfest that way for an entire day. That was only two years ago. (3) I had enormous, teased, lion-mane-like hair in highschool and the first year of college. I don’t know who invented that puff-ball-bangs hairdo, but they should be drawn and quartered. I wish I could burn all the pics. (4) I live in Maryland and I don’t eat seafood. That makes me a huge weirdo. Add in the fact that I don’t drink and I’m downright freakish. (5) I’m scared of sharks and won’t get in the ocean. Not too keen on boats either. I’m so scared of sharks that I won’t get in any water that’s not clean. (6) I’ve peed my pants in public more times than I’d like to admit. (7) I once lost a fight with the treadmill. (8) I’m a white trash princess. I once ran out of diapers for my child and used an adult diaper and duct tape to remedy that problem. I’ve also made a slip n slide out of a huge roll of plastic, played a donkey basketball game by choice (a game where you ride a donkey while playing basketball), and I exfoliated with a scratchy kitchen sponge when I couldn’t find my loofah. (9) To go along with your daisy dukes issue, I mess up lyrics all the time. I thought the lyrics to Dirty Deeds were “Dirty Deeds and the Dunder Chief” and I sang them loud and proud that way for years. (10) I went to a New Kids on the Block concert for my 16th bday. My other bday present that year, a barbie doll that I asked for. (11) I wore ‘envelope pants’ in the late 80s/early 90s. This honestly may be the most embarrassing item of the entire list.

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