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Ratings and Reviews – Oversaturation or Maturation?

Ratings and Reviews – Oversaturation or Maturation?

Sometimes, the genius of something is how simple and unique it is. Take Flappy Birds for instance. Although it wasn’t an immediate success, it sat in general ambiguity for 4 months before it exploded, it created an entire genre of game. It’s no longer available in the app stores but its legacy lives on in its many clones. It was first, it did it best, and it changed the game – pun intended. Back in the stone ages of Multifamily, about 3-4 years ago, for reviews, there was ApartmentRatings. Just ApartmentRatings. No clones. Ratings and reviews were the new buzz words. Yelp had very little relevance and Google reviews was a land of crickets. As an industry we had many[…]

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