The Job Change Conundrum

Posted by - Aug 10, 2015
Some groups of people in this industry change jobs like I change my underwear – every few months. Their own personal job satisfaction is apparently hard to achieve or maybe…
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Apartments Overload

Posted by - Jun 22, 2015
On the surface, Brad looks like a well meaning, great guy. Familiar. His arguments many years ago about Chaos Theory and the unpredictability of nature, were spot on, especially as…
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Set Your Data Free

Posted by - Jan 30, 2015
Soooooo, you ever hear the one about the software tester who walked into a bar? She ordered a beer. She ordered 10 beers. She ordered 2.15 million beers. She ordered…
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Executing Quick Marketing Wins

Posted by - Oct 17, 2014
This is from a post on Apartminty in their ongoing “Quick Marketing Wins” series. The opinions expressed in here are mine. At first they called it the Now Generation, but I guess…
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In search of that shiny new penny

Posted by - Oct 10, 2014
Over the years, I’ve always felt that industry marketers have always been on the lookout for the shiny new penny. They lift rocks, scrape off the moss, roll it around…
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