Why raising a daughter scares the crap out of me

Posted by - Nov 6, 2015

I remember the first time I had to change my daughter’s diaper. I looked down at the area I’d only known on a casual basis and gasped at the mess. A black tarry substance had coated itself amongst the, ahem, folds and other, err, areas. Gross. Nervously, I grabbed a wipe and proceeded to pat

The Job Change Conundrum

Posted by - Aug 10, 2015

Some groups of people in this industry change jobs like I change my underwear – every few months. Their own personal job satisfaction is apparently hard to achieve or maybe it’s because they climb to the pinnacle of that position quickly and realize they don’t like the view. Some people give consulting a try which seems

I need to start eating more carrots, I think

Posted by - Jan 9, 2015

I’ve developed a technique, that I haven’t exactly patented yet, which involves using my fingers in a coordinated effort to dip both ends of a french fry into a small vat of buffalo sauce. I have mastered the art of unfolding the burrito at Chipotle to pour in more hot sauce and put it back together

Why I hate job titles

Posted by - Jun 17, 2014

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ― Wayne W. Dyer Nowhere in my neurologist’s office did it say History Professor but when I noticed the Biography of Thomas Jefferson behind his desk last year, the history buff in me had to ask him about it. Little did

What being middle aged really means…

Posted by - Mar 21, 2014

“Middle aged is when you’re faced with two temptations and you choose the one that will get you home by 9 o’clock.” – Ronald Regan The gross realization that I am a man who has reached mid-life happened suddenly. I was taking my dog for a walk one evening last summer and as is the

Raising kids is like this…

Posted by - Mar 16, 2014

As I’ve told my wife, raising children isn’t necessarily hard work but a lot of repetitive work and constant reminders. Brush your teeth. Stop hitting your sister. Leave that alone. Get your hands out of your pants. No, you shouldn’t put ranch dressing on your fingers and eat it. One day last fall, while walking

To Live…

Posted by - Jan 17, 2014

It was when I was in the 6th grade that I first realized the true finality of death. It was a watershed moment. I imagine you’ve had one of those moments too. You’ve been running the marathon that is life, and something triggers you to jump out of the race and pause; maybe grab a

Hard to take me seriously.

Why I have trouble taking myself that seriously.

Posted by - Aug 29, 2013

I’ve read lots of blog posts in my day. Most of them talk about this sales technique, this fancy new gadget, why social media helps with this or that or why you’re a dummy if you can’t analyze your metrics right. There are lots of smart and overly serious people out there in the blogosphere.

How life can knock you down and how to get back up

Posted by - Aug 8, 2012

I hope you’ll forgive me while I lament a little. I’ve just climbed out of the roughest 4 weeks I’ve had in my life. They have caused me to look within myself and want to change. It’s made me rethink what it is I’m doing out here in this great big world and whether I’m