The Job Change Conundrum

Posted by - Aug 10, 2015

Some groups of people in this industry change jobs like I change my underwear – every few months. Their own personal job satisfaction is apparently hard to achieve or maybe it’s because they climb to the pinnacle of that position quickly and realize they don’t like the view. Some people give consulting a try which seems

Apartments Overload

Posted by - Jun 22, 2015

On the surface, Brad looks like a well meaning, great guy. Familiar. His arguments many years ago about Chaos Theory and the unpredictability of nature, were spot on, especially as it relates to dinosaurs. Seeing commercials for ILS’s wasn’t something anyone could’ve predicted. Nor would I have wanted to. Unless you need one, to most,

Ratings and Reviews – Oversaturation or Maturation?

Posted by - Apr 8, 2015

Sometimes, the genius of something is how simple and unique it is. Take Flappy Birds for instance. Although it wasn’t an immediate success, it sat in general ambiguity for 4 months before it exploded, it created an entire genre of game. It’s no longer available in the app stores but its legacy lives on in

Set Your Data Free

Posted by - Jan 30, 2015

Soooooo, you ever hear the one about the software tester who walked into a bar? She ordered a beer. She ordered 10 beers. She ordered 2.15 million beers. She ordered -1 beers. She ordered a nothing. She ordered a cat. She tried to leave without paying. I’m sorry if you don’t get that one but it’s

Why Multifamily apartment pricing is broken

Posted by - Nov 21, 2014

Personally, if I’m ready to buy something, I need to know two basic things. First, what’s my excitement level for it and secondly, how much is it? That makes sense right? Overextending oneself is something one does right out of college when you think you have the world at your feet and assume that money

From rags to riches: The power of industry networking

Posted by - Jun 26, 2014

Without business networking, the telephone as we know it might never have existed. Forced to setup his seemingly unimpressive telephone prototype in the top floor of Machinery Hall at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was desperate. The hot summer sun had been assaulting guests through the glass roof all day

Why I hate job titles

Posted by - Jun 17, 2014

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ― Wayne W. Dyer Nowhere in my neurologist’s office did it say History Professor but when I noticed the Biography of Thomas Jefferson behind his desk last year, the history buff in me had to ask him about it. Little did

What’s the true definition of value?

Posted by - Jun 4, 2014

Last week my wife decided that our ten year old purple couch, with the worn fabric and small baby vomit stains we’ve never been able to remove, needed to go. Besides the obvious failings, it didn’t seat enough people and guests in our home would often have to sit Indian style (or should that be

The Heartbleed Security Bug: What’s been the effect on Multifamily?

Posted by - Apr 22, 2014

In the first week of April we received word that OpenSSL, the open source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols, had been compromised. Over the past 2 years, this vicious flaw that raged throughout the internet, allowed hackers to steal encrypted data. If you’re like most people, up until recently, you probably had no

The Feedback Dilemma

Posted by - Apr 11, 2014

For years now, we’ve used a free tool called Kampyle to collect feedback on our website. After a minute or two of browsing our site, customers would get a popup widget that asked them to rate the site from 1-5 and give comments on what we could improve. The great comments we’ve received over the